The InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute was founded to foster an appreciation for the role of arts and culture in future interplanetary diplomatic relations.  

The Institute endeavors to provide a legitimate forum for artists, arts administrators and arts appreciators who believe that artistic, cultural and creative expression of all types will play a much needed alternative role to an otherwise militaristic approach to pondering, developing policy, protocols and being prepared for contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. Exploring art of all disciplines, cultural expressions of all humans and worldwide policy all specifically for outer space necessitates as much of an inward questioning of who we are as the questioning of who “they” might be and what aesthetics we all might share. By taking very strategic, thoughtful, inclusive and inspirational steps, the Institute will seek to contribute to the discourse on, and showcasing of, creative expression specifically for extraterrestrial audiences. 

The Institute acknowledges and embraces the wide range of beliefs held and experiences had by Earthlings regarding ET for as far back as history has recorded such events, as those events and records have shaped the plethora of attitudes and approaches towards potential interplanetary relations. The emphasis of the Institute, however, is to consider how individual and collective creativity, art melded with science and other forms of shared inquiry can contribute to new ways of thinking about actual policy that establishes art and culture as a necessary part of any future interplanetary relations. Serious inquiry, dedicated creativity and appropriate lighthearted parody are all areas of thought and communication contributing to the potential for actual - or maybe even made up - intergalactic cultural policy.